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Our parties come in different packages - select one that best suits your needs. Each package includes:

  • Rainbow Glasses for each child to take home
  • Make-and-take experiment for each child
  • Mad Science lab coat for the birthday child
  • Science poster to sign by the guests
A basic package runs about 60 minutes and is filled with fun hands-on science experiments.
Our 'Silver' package runs 75 minutes and includes an add-on activity plus a Goody Bag for each child. Each goody bag contains a scientific toy with more hands-on activities.
The 'Gold' package runs 90 minutes. It includes two add-on activities plus a Goody Bag for each child.

You may further customize your package in the panel below.

Party Upgrades

While our parties are always fun and spectacular, why not notch it up a little? Many customers like to give something special to their guests, or have the party end with a grand finale. You can select additional components to your special event. If you choose our Silver or Gold package, goody bags are already included.

Goody Bags
Bouncy Balls
Dry Ice & Bubbling Potions
Rocket Launch
Hovercraft Ride
Magic Cube Making
Periscope Building

Note that you can change your packages and upgrades any time up to 48 hours before your event.


We require payment information to process a booking deposit and final payment. We charge a $100 deposit once we finalize and confirm the event details with you. The final amount will reflect the number of guests in your party, and the payment will be processed after we have delivered our service to you. The information we collect here is kept in a secure, encrypted storage, and is deleted once the final payment is processed.



If you would like to share any other information with us, such as any special needs or tips on how to impress your child, please let us know.